Two months on

Sorry to say at the beginning of bereavement as the time has slowly moved on it seems to be getting worse. I seem to be in a hole that is getting deeper by the day. I can’t think of a future without my wife and to be Frank at the moment I do not want one. I wake up in the morning and pain hits me straight away. I try to tell myself one day at a time because as a man who alwaysed planned the next move for our retirement which was five years away was all dropping into place but now what? I have more to live for than a lot of people a son daughter son and daughter in law and six beautiful grand children two girls and four boys. but now not my wife who I met when we where children fifteen years old. We married at twenty four and had as good a life as we wanted. Now no future.


Hello Ron, I can feel your pain and from my own experiences I know how hard life is without your soul mate. Many on this site have that same understanding of grieving. We tell ours selves that we shouldn’t feel like this and to count our blessings but it is difficult when there is so much pain.
Have you had or thought about counselling either from Sue Ryder or Cruse it may help,
Just writing about how you feel, that helps me. Finding an outlet for all your emotions no matter what type does decrease the pain for a while. Please keep posting and reading others posts. Please look after yourself and keep safe. Sxx

Dear Ron, my lovely husband died November 11th so l am coming up to two months without him. I know how hard it is, sometimes hour by hour. It feels as if l have a claw in my heart. This site shows we aren’t going through this awful time on our own… I wish you any comfort or forgetting that you can find, even if it lasts only a short while. When l can, l walk, do the crossword, listen to music, knit… But l spend a lot of time just sitting, thinking and remembering. A good friend told me grieving is a slow process, not to rush it, give it its due but still try to find one small thing every day to be thankful for… Today was the Robin who visits sometimes, other days it has been someone’s kindness… Every day we have to start again xxxxx

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It is really hard. Lost my Mum 28th October & it seems like it’s just this week it’s really hit me. Been in tears several times this week & finding things more difficult at work even though they’ve been supportive.

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