Two months today

Hi all it’s two months today since my husband and soulmate died. We only had three weeks notice from beginning to end and only really knew he was going to die in the last three days so it was very traumatic and sudden for us. My daughter was right by my side for the whole time and I have surrendered our council house and gone back to live with my mother who lost my father last year. This has been some company for both of us and I’m very pleased to have the support I’ve had from them but I cry most nights and just wish I could be with him. I sense he is still round me but it is taking so much of my faith to believe this to be true right now.

Hi, it will be 2 months on the 14th since my wife passed too. We had the same amount of time and it is so devastating and sad. Words can’t help as I know how you feel, you just have to believe and that’s all we can do. Treasure all the memories and things that remind you of him. He will still be with you as my wife is with me. Take care.

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It was 5 months for me on the 10th since my lovely Harry left me. We also only had three precious weeks together. I go over and over that time in my mind and wish I had done different things. Whilst we knew it was terminal I didn’t expect it would be so quick. Like lots of others on here I feel I put on a brave face to those around me but cry when I’m alone. I’ve moved house and just started to go back to work which has helped to distract me but gosh my life feels empty and I long for my old life back. I was out shopping today and saw a shop starting to stock up on Christmas things which had me crying by the time I got back to the car. I can’t bear the thought of Christmas on my own even though I will be with my daughter and family.

Hi Julia
So sorry to hear your sad news. What a terrible time for you.
My husband died in January and I still have the tears. It useto be every day but now not quite so often. They say time heals but I dont think it ever does it just gets a bit easier to bear. I have no family at all so at least you do so that is a comfort. So good your daughter was by your side. Sounds like you have a caring family. I just have caring friends thank goodness. Dont know what I would have done without my lovely friends. They keep me going. Be strong Julia take care Love Suex