Two months without my soul mate

It’s been two months since my soul mate was taken from me. It was all so unexpected and he was only 48. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions since and very early days still. I know the rawness will soften a little in time though at the moment it seems as though I am going to feel this way forever. Not only have I lost him, I am losing another constant in my life (my job) in march. I am taking each day as it comes but it feels like I am treading water. Any advice ? X


@KMS its two months for me too. My husband was a bit older at 63.

No advice to share because I’m not coping either. Trying to keep busy, and I am having some counselling . But it’s all so tough & sh*t.

Sorry to hear about your job too.

Take care


@KMS I am very sorry to hear of your sudden loss. I suddenly and unxepctedly lost my partner two weeks ago tomorrow. He was 47. It was a normal day like any other, and then bang, everything changed in a second and my entire world came crashing down. We were together 19 years. The pain I am experience nobody will truly understand, and I can fully understand how two months on your continue to struggle. The rollercoaster as you’ve described in the last two weeks alone has been immense.

I hope that you have a strong network of friends and family around who are supporting you in your time of grief, and remember, this is indeed your grief, so deal with it as you need to get through each day. You need to take the right path for you. I find it such a struggle to talk, yet here I feel more free to express myself, so please reach out and talk about anything that helps you get through that moment.

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I am so sorry for your loss, your husband and your job - it’s a cruel world!
I too lost my husband so suddenly. I felt numb at first then after all the rushing around organising the funeral was over, reality set in and all kinds of emotions flooded in at once, guilt, anger, in denial, sad, lonely, fear and so on…
It’s been nearly 7 months so far - not sure if it’s the same for everyone but I have tried to keep busy everyday and take one day at a time and I believe it helps a little.
Sending hugs & strength.
Praying it will get better someday for everyone.