two steps forward, then going backwards in grief journey

Hello! I havent posted for a while but just over 6 months since husband died, the enormity of it has struck! I thought I was doing ok with support of family and friends but as time goes on I feel Tony is going further and further away and I feel soooo sad! I dont want to lose his memory and wonder if this normal at 6 months! I feel I have regressed a bit in this journey! Anyone else feel the same? xx


Hello @Cynthonia,

I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. I’m just giving your thread a gentle bump - I’m sure someone will be along to share their thoughts :blue_heart:

Hi there, it’s not even a month for me since I lost my second husband. But I was widowed 20 years ago and it was just like you describe. A very wiggly tunnel and easy to turn back on yourself. But there is only one way and it’s forwards. Even if it doesn’t feel like that. Hang on in there, it is all any of us can do.
Much love xx


Im 18 months in … i thought i was doing ok but recently i have gone backwards i feel … its so tough … and its a rollercoaster … :frowning: so dont think its unusual to feel like you do.xx

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I’m nearly 4 years since losing hubby & just recently went backwards so I think it’s fair to say that there’s no right / wrong / normal etc.
As others say , just a wretched club we didn’t want to be members of but we are.
When my Dad died I remember saying to Mum one time , yes Mum life won’t be the same but it can still be ok , even good sometimes. Now I’m trying to listen to my own wise words understanding exactly what Mum was feeling.
People say keep busy , you need distractions. Sometimes I’m so busy I meet myself coming back the other way ( hubby used to say that) but in reality I find you can’t keep being distracted from the grief , it will find a way in so now I let it, fighting it is harder .
Best wishes all