Two years later

At first I didn’t believe I would make it this far. There are some good days now and I can have conversations without crying. But I still cannot believe he is gone. I can’t settle to anything because I am still waiting for him to come back. I’ve done a lot in the past two years and feel proud but not at all like the person I was. My mother died last week and I can’t mourn her as my husband’s death is still so overwhelming I can’t feel much else. I am trying hard and getting help and there are good times but only those who have been through this can imagine how hard it is. Although I have not posted for a long time reading others posts still helps


Hi @Sharon60 I’m the opposite way around to you. I lost my mum almost 2 years ago and my hubby 9 weeks ago and I’m totally broken. I’m so lost without him, he was only 44 and died suddenly whilst we were on holiday. I don’t even recognise myself anymore it’s like a huge part of me has died too. The thought of Christmas fills me with dread :broken_heart:. Sending you a hug.


@Sharon60 I feel your pain.
I Lost my Wife of 31 years Anna to Cancer 12 days ago & I’m still in a state of Bewilderment & shock.
I have this past couple of days completed all of the Funeral arrangements & that kept me busy but now that is done i feel stuck in limbo as the Funeral isn’t until the 29th & I’m just sat here at home looking through old photos & videos of me & Anna over the years. I can hardly go an hour or two without breaking down in tears & sobbing uncontrollably. I talk to her constantly half expecting to hear her voice somehow or hear her coming through the front door after being out shopping.
I’m trying to keep myself together in front of my Son & Daughter who have also suffered this terrible loss & don’t need to see me in that state of distress.
At this moment in time I’m struggling to see a way forward without her & my heart is aching more than i ever imagined possible.
I do hope i can reach a stage where i can have some good days along with the bad but that seems a long way off at this moment.


Our children have given me something to live for. Our daughter got married this summer and we both cried a lot but there were happy tears too. I am so sad Gary was not there but know how happy he would have been to see her marry such a lovely man. They walked down the aisle together as no one could have replaced her dad. We had some pictures of him and she made a toast to him. I am so sorry for your loss. There are ways through but it is so hard so let yourself do whatever you need to do. Best wishes

Around 6 weeks before my Anna passed away my Daughter and her Boyfriend announced to us that they are expecting their first child & I’ve not seen my Wife so overjoyed in quite a while.
There were plenty of tears of joy but obviously tinged with sadness as she knew that she would never see the birth of another Grandchild. So i have that to look forward to next June but it would have been so much better had she have still been with us :broken_heart::broken_heart:

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