Two years today

Two years ago today I found my darling wife dead, the hardest part was not being with her and telling her how much I loved her. I miss her every day but cherish that we made so many wonderful memories together. I’ll see you somewhere at sometime, soulmates can never be separated for eternity.


Dear @Chas

Thank you for sharing your post. There are no words to describe the pain of finding your loved one having passed. It must be of comfort for you to know and believe you will see your wife again and that will be a glorious day for you both.

Keep hold of your wonderful memories you made together in your heart. Your wife will always be with you there and where ever you go.

Take care.


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@Chas I’m so sorry you are facing such a difficult day. I am sure your wife knew exactly how much she was loved. Sometimes it’s the " what ifs" and other regrets that make grief harder I don’t know. There is always something else you / we would have liked to say isn’t there. Best wishes x