Unable to be there due to Covid

Hi, I am still struggling with my loss after more than 2 years and I just can’t seem to move forward.
I was not able to be by my love’s side and I haven’t been able to travel to any memorials or say a personal goodbye due to Covid.
It was a non-conventional companionship and relationship (long distance et al)
I feel I want to move forward but because of lockdowns I have not been able to say a proper goodbye and am still experiencing many ‘firsts’ as my life is still not back to normal.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? How have you coped?

Bloody Covid! I feel for you, I really do @Ptisan. Without getting into politics, I genuinely feel that the whole Covid lockdown, management etc was hugely mismanaged and many mistakes were made. No government should ever be allowed to take our freedoms away and nobody should ever be denied to be with their loved ones at the end. I am so sorry that this was the case for you. I honestly can’t even imagine not being with my man at the end.

Have you tried writing a letter to your love? I have found writing to be a massive release of my emotions and it brings him closer to me. I write to my husband, in my journal, regularly. If you haven’t already done this, please do try because really, it can help. x