Unable to cope with my wife's death

Thank you Balbir my beautiful RED haired wife.
Today it’s your 50th birthday you have reached the mile stone, will make sure that as promised I will celebrate and remember the day, as you have resided in GODS house where only the GOOD and chosen ones go.
Since November 29th I have missed you and suffer daily my grief as I live life without you my love.
Miss your kindness, your laughter, your words of wisdom and encouragement.
Most of all being unable to hold you and feel your warmth.
Take care my love and I await the time that you come for me in dreams .
So that we can be together again without no one knowing except for we two in the life after.
My pain without you is to excruciating for words, only you can heel my suffering.

Thank you my love.


Take care Ravinder - You are not alone. Paul