Unbelievable sadness

I don’t know how unbelievable this overwhelming feeling of grief is :cry: she’s only been gone a week ,but I can’t ever imagine my life without her in it …she’s Been my constant for 19 yrs and as she had a health condition I was her carer so we spent ALL our time together ……my heart is broken ,I have a 15 yr old son too but I can’t help feeling my life is over without her :broken_heart:


The pain is awful. I’m so sorry for your loss. I am focusing on my other son as a distraction but I worry it’s suffocating him too. My only advice is to cry, look at pictures, distract- whatever helps you get from minute t minute. X

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Life is so terribly unfair and lets be honest its crap too. The pain is unbearable. There are no words of comfort. Keep going. You will find your own way as ultimately we are all different and you will do what feels right.
Must seem so empty for you especially after your devotion and care all those years.
When we came back from the hospital in a taxi after losing Elliott. It felt like the reverse of the time we brought him home for the first time as a newborn. That was 2004 when we said our family was complete. Now sadly my family is broken. And when i think about this it stabs me inside.

I am a bit further on from the shock in feb 2020. I do want to say to you that it gets easier, i dont know …maybe in some ways, i will say that its exhausting. The overwhelming feelings of grief that is all encompassing gets more managable. I sort of function better. There is space in betwen the tears

We loved our children. We still do and we are bereft.

I couldnt sleep for about 4 days after getting back from hospital, when eventually i slept i would dream of hugging Elliott. Now i hug his clothes his jacket. I loved wearing his gloves, i slept in his bed. It was a way to feel close

Hope that there will better times especially with your son, and also that you feel able to actually smile or dare i say enjoy moments. I mention this as i was horrified when i first did anything. And it is okay to cry and to grieve with him and also to do life and to laugh with him. I know 15 year olds seem so mature, in some ways thats true. He needs his mum. Maybe this is a good purpose for you, to move forward and to live life without your lovely daughter- without his sister. To live a life that is worthwhile.
I wish nothing but kindness for you and heartfelt hugs. Message me if you want to
Lynne xxx

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