Uncontrollable crying

My husband of 42 years died on the 7th May 2024.
He had been ill for 26 years. Nothing can ever prepare you for the loss. I feel that the day he took his last breath part of me went with him.

These last 3 days everything reminds me of him. The hospital type beds have now been returned from our home, leaving a big empty space.

I find comfort in holding the stress ball he held knowing he had it in his hand a few days before he died.

I miss him so much :cry:


I’m struggling to get used to the new reality of my life that all my grandparents are now gone. My grandma died on 12th June, 9 days before my 40th birthday and it’s her funeral tomorrow and I still can’t get used to accepting that her house is now empty. She lived a full and happy life but she’s left a massive hole in my heart that will never be filled again. I miss her everyday and can’t stop crying every morning. I’ve struggled in work everyday and I’m dreading tomorrow as my heart is shattering to a million pieces at the thought I’m never going to see my beloved grandma again. The tears don’t want to end.