Under the weather

Im going to have alittle moan ,and have a small pity party.
So bare with .
I haven’t been tip top later ,pulled my lumber muscles when moving some heavy item in the garden.
So that was roughly 2 weeks in pain ,now i have anasty cough and feeling yuk.
My shower broke down ,will be fixed next week ,
Im walking my dog as best i can ,but theres no help anywhere.
I get words of sympathy thats it ,i miss my man who always cared for me and was always in my corner.
It was a two way street ,i can cope just feeling really sorry for myself.
I dont think im that keen on being single :confused:
Thanks for listening, im fine really.


Hi @Elowen
You can certainly feel sorry for yourself and I think thats a good thing sometimes when there are lots of challenges we have to manage by ourselves now.
It’s really rubbish that we don’t have our other half to share the jobs or the good things with, and that they’re not here to look after us when we are not quite right.
I have a dog and I just wish that some days I didn’t have to walk her in the mornings and my husband was here to do it for me.
It’s tough on your own and it’s rubbish being single. Perhaps you’re not really as ok as you tell yourself ? It truly is a battle everyday I find.
Sending hugs and strength.


I will bring a gin and tonic to that pity party lol
People don’t understand losing your hubby is like someone chopping your arm off, there is only half of you left to do the work of 2, we were a team of 2 reduced to 1 so yeah it’s bloody hard work and nobody jumps up to help either which annoys me as both me and hubby always helped others on their own but people are too selfish these days to bother.
What I can’t do by myself now I just leave, it’s not worth the worry and stress, when I am gone everything will either go in a skip or someone else will sort it. I have developed a couldn’t care less attitude now to anything and everything and I actually feel better for it


Very true, nobody seems to care that you’re going through the most awful time of you’re life. What is worse , is that they dont realise it could happen to them one day! Big hugs to all


Know exactly how you feel !! I hate being single too - sucks doesnt it ? And as you say you get no help or support from anywhere and i was poorly recently too and it was awful :frowning: so scary without my husband here :frowning:
I suppose im a bit lucky cos i got a friend who was really nice to me and so in a tiny way it helped . … but youre right its so hard so i totally empathise with you ! Another crap side of losing your partner:( xx

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