Understand how u felling

Hi all how many of u find it hard to talk to friends and family about how u are feeling and do u find thay dond understand what going on i am finding it very open to open up to anyone

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Hello @Tigertracey, thank you for reaching out. I’m sure lots of our members will understand how difficult it can be to open up. I’m giving your thread a gentle bump - hopefully someone will be along to share their thoughts.

You might also want to explore our Grief Support, which has lots of resources to help you with grief.

Take good care,

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Thank u very much


Yes I find it hard talking to family and others and I do think it’s because they don’t understand, most people I know have lost someone so that bit they do understand but it’s the losing of a long term partner, your soul mate, your friend, your lover that’s the bit they don’t get. Spending over 30 years with someone and then they’re gone is the bit that’s hard to talk about.
But it’s been good using this platform there’s lots of support.