Unexpected Correspondence

I received a letter addressed to Eileen yesterday. I know that correspondence of all sorts, so addressed - much of it marketing junk - will probably keep coming for a while, but this one looked a bit different. It was franked by the US Mail and had come from Irvine CA.

It turned out to be from the manufacturers of the aortic valve that Eileen received eight days before she died, advising that she had been added to their registry and enclosing a card to be carried.

I emailed them, and had a reply, expressing condolences within a couple of hours.

I’ve had a couple of letters that I responded to by phoning the contact number.
Firstly one from NHS inviting my wife to a cardiogram at a local hospital. This was 9 weeks after she died and, of course, the NHS were very involved in her final days and certified death.
Secondly from the suppliers of the portable hoist that was used to lift her. They wanted to arrange a service. That was just two weeks ago. The hoist had been collected by them almost five months ago.
I actually feel sorry for the person taking my call as they probably have little responsibility for improving organisational communication.
One of my daughters works for NHS and she admits she often despairs.