Unexpected death of my sister at age only 29

My sister has passed away so unexpectedly just a few days ago, she had been poorly for a short while with a suspected chest infection. She then went into hospital on Sunday with anemia after having bloods done, she was expecting to be home. However we got a call in the early hours to say she had multiple organ failure and suffered a cardiac arrest which they could not get her back from. We are in total shock. I don’t think I’ll ever loose the sound of my mums voice on the phone hearing her first child had died. I am absolutely devastated not only by the shock but also to find she had alcohol liver disease we were all aware she drank a little to much and had had numerous conversations with her to say she should ease up a little however we had no idea she was in so deep. She should be celebrating her 30th birthday on the 23rd of this month instead she is being buried on the 22nd. I am heartbroken for her and feel so guilty I get to go on. I don’t know how I will ever be able to happy again she was so young she had so much more to do. Due to the covid restrictions on funeral adding an awful lot more pain to it as we are not allowed to lay her to rest in the Clothes we would like nor is she allowed paulbearers she has to be pushed along a trolley. I just can’t believed it she deserves so much more. I am so terribly sad and don’t know how our family will ever get through this. She was such a kind lovely girl and I can’t help but picture her in her final moment suffering a cardiac arrest my poor sister :broken_heart:

Hi @Aliso1 ,

I’m so so sorry you’ve lost your sister. To loose someone so young is absolutely devastating but with the shock of the sudden nature of it all it just makes it all the more excruciating.

I can relate to loosing someone in such tragic circumstances, my wonderful, beautiful twin sister was a similar age with her whole life ahead of her, she was killed by another driver at the end of October. It’s been 7 weeks and still I wake up some mornings thinking it can’t be true. I feel guilty for being here when she’s not too. I’ve lost an uncle in his 50’s and my grandpa, both to brain tumours, but this grief is something on a different scale. So young and so sudden, it’s indescribable.

Take every day (hour or even minute in the early days) at a time. Try to eat and drink plenty of water even if you don’t feel like it.

Did they test your sister for coronavirus? It’s so difficult you can’t choose clothes for her etc on top of everything else. We we able to but I suppose with these tiers in place it may be more strict now or there may be different restrictions in your area.

I hope you have a supportive network around you, sending strength to you xx

So sorry for your loss Aliso1, My beloved sister also went into cardiac arrest (twice). She was revived once, but they could not bring her back the 2nd time, as I stood by helplessly . It still seems like a surreal horrific dream. Your circumstances are somewhat different, but we both lost our precious sisters, a part of ourselves, I understand wondering how you can ever be happy again. It is two years on for me, and I have yet to experience real happiness. And I too feel guilty, for still being alive, when my little Sister was robbed of her life & future. I think these are normal feelings when the loss has been so monumental. You’ve had to deal with so much, so fast, and Covid has complicated your grief process. Hopefully you & your family will be able to support each other. You must also remember to take care of yourself. You have suffered a trauma and a terrible shock. Please post again and let us know how you are doing. My heart goes out to you :broken_heart: Another Sad Sister

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I am so sorry for your loss. When losing someone happens so suddenly it is a huge shock and can be so debilitating. The first year is the hardest and I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling. It will get better though I promise you. You never properly get over someone passing , and especially someone so young as she was taken far far too soon. But there will be a way. Sending you lots of strength.

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