Unexpected death

Lost my grandson age 2 in 2016 so very suddenly and still cant get over this he was fine one day gone the next.

I also lost my grandfather 3 weeks ago, he was doing okay and then suddenly he was just gone and i know how you feel, it really hurts and its even worse because it was so unexpected

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Hi Shirley I’m so sorry for your loss such a young age and such a tragedy I hope you got to say goodbye and hopefully he’s now at peace also take comfort he’s with you always I lost my beloved fiancé suddenly last July one minute we were talking on the phone next he was gone so sad he was 51 I live each day as it comes but the grief is so fresh I just wish he’d stayed longer I feel your pain just take each day as it comes

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Yeah so horrible so sorry for your loss x

Awww im so sorry no didnt get to say goodbye unfortunately life is so very cruel sometimes though