Unknown cause of death

Hi all,

My dad died on the 2nd December 21 aged 56 suddenly and we are yet to know the cause. He had recently had his moderna booster jab which he was so eager to get. He had some side effects as expected but ended up dying on the 3rd day after. We don’t know if it is linked and the post mortem brought no possible causes. Were waiting on further investigation results and as a result we haven’t been able to have a funeral yet.

He was perfectly healthy and had no reason to suddenly pass like this. Just really hoping we get some answers as its so hard to comprehend! I really miss him and can’t believe this has happened :cry: does anyone have any ways to help come to terms with something like this?


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It is traumatic to loss a loveone, but suddenly loss them it make it harder to understand.
To come to terms it is a long process unfortunately it is a long road call grieving, so i can takes weeks, months, years. It is very personal please dont try to rush the grieving.
Take you time and support other members of the family might help you as they would share lovely memories.
Friends after funeral normally forget about your pain and go vack to their lives.
Depends of your age you could look into counselling in college, o adults counceĺling.
Samaritans group are good, so call them when you want to talk at anytime.
Sue Ryder has counceĺling and cruse.
Hope you get ato know what happened to your Dad.