unmarried partner passes away,and you are treated like a leper by laws of intestacy

im not for one minute saying an unmarried partner should automatically get everything when their partner passes away.what im saying is they should be in the frame to be considered for inheriting something of their partners whether thats the house or finances at least they should have as much chance as close family.i can only give my situation,which isnt unique but has been very sressfull the last few months,its heart breaking losing your soul mate and the person you loved and expected to see out your own life with.but the laws in this land treat partners as lepers you have no rites at all.why should a parent of your partner be able get everything and treat you like shyte.when your partner was here she worked her heart out to give us both a good life,i did the house work shopping cleaning ,cooking what ever was needed be don e so as Jayne didnt have to lift a finger in the house when she came home from work.she was the love of my life a realy very special lady who i thought the world of and would gladly lay down my own life to save her.sadly Jaynes mum thinks everything should be hers and as given me no support comfort at all.oh sorry when she emptied Jaynes bank account she asked if i had money i said no,so she offered me a loan,which i declined.im not saying family at times are not deserving of their daughter assets,but when your daughter as a partner theyve lived with over 20 years they are not building their bank account and pensions to leave to their parents,Jayne worked hard and we had planned move to Brixham to retire and enjoy each others company and lives together well into old age.sadly that wasnt to be Jayne was taken from me and im not handling things well at all.ive lost my whole reason for living.and then i get Jaynes mum wanting the house and car etc and pensions this woman wants everything that her daughter had worked hard for,not once did she consider my pain or offer solace she is driven to get all that Jayne owned.one day the law needs to accept that unmarried does not mean they were not madly in love and that they didnt share everything in their lives.marriage is a piece of paper,unmarried is not a sign that the couple were not living for each other ,sorry im so annoyed at the lack of support for unmarried partners who lose their partners this coutry is pathetic,my 2 cents.

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luckily for me my best friend lover and soul mate Jayne,filled her pensions etc in making at least the financial side of my life okay.No amount of money can replace or make me forget the most important person ever to come into my life.i will never ever not have Jayne in my thought or my heart.she was my world and i love her more than i could ever possibly convey to anyone.and i miss Jayne so much its hurting my heart.

Hi Ian, yes I agree with what you are saying. It’s all wrong. You was a couple for a long time, you contributed yur time to the house etc. I can’t see how another relative can just walk in a take it off you. The laws need to be changed.
I was married to my husband and very thankful I was. It took him five years before he would put my name on the deeds of his house (I had sold mine when we married) and make out a will. He always said I would be alright and have no trouble with his daughters. His daughters have ignored me since the funeral. I have written and phoned but received no reply. I now feel that if he hadn’t made a will or we hadn’t have been married I am certain they would have made my life a misery. Money talks !!!
My previous marriage came about because we was not married and we had purchased a house, I then found out that if anything happened to him, his family would have inherited the other half of the house (not sure if this is still the case)and with young children I couldn’t take the chance, so we married and what a mistake that was. I married for all the wrong reasons because of the laws.
Fight on Ian as best you can. Write to your MP, it might not help at the moment but you might get some comfort from bringing this matter out in the open.
Keep in touch and let us know how your getting on. Best of luck. Pat xxxx

thank you Pat
as regards Jaynes pensions etc was told other day it was going be going in my favour,
id like to say it made me feel happy,but in all honesty it didnt it made me sad knowing what should of been for Jayne and me when Jayne retired was just me,and ive been way more tearful and emotional since getting told this news on Thursday.id sooner have bugger all and live in a card board box and have Jayne back in my life than anything.sorry but thats how i feel.thank you again for your input Pat.
regards ian

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