Unsupportive Family

Unsupportive Family Members? How do you let go or give encouragement who have become a

Source of selfish ,mental health, Weird family members it’s shameful.

In your life when you are related to them.We had three deaths in the family.A lot of guilty consequences.

never get together for a Memorial.Lots of cold bitterness. Relatives are have become unwell.

I made suggestions we can not move on to much lies its stressful .

Dear @Soniayv55

Thank you for your personal post and reaching out. Not always easy to do.

I see you have had 3 deaths in the family which is hard to deal with it. With this many emotions will rise from anger, disappointment, guilt, despair, relief, love or hope.

Give yourself and family time as some relatives may need space as they do not know how to handle or react to grief. Everyone reacts differently at different times.

I do hope in time all the issues will be settled and I am sure they will. Take care and continue to reach out.


No-one wants an acrimonious relationship with family members especially at such an earth shattering time. I have unfortunate experience of that and my answer is simple however difficult walk away discard all of it better off without them. It’s the precious memories of your loved ones that matters and the life ahead of you not selfish ,self absorbed tactless so called family members.


Hello, Jim4 I know exactly what you are talking about I am dealing with this at the moment. The way they are treating me is disgraceful and you said selfish exactly your family members are behaving the same as mine so completely relates to kate88.

Hello Jim
Thank you for your reply. Yes that’s exactly what we do.Their Memories are for ever.I am determined nothing I say or do will change their attitudes .They have Guilty Conscience.
Their actions are product of their own issues.
Take Care

Unsupportive Family
Very cold and bitter.

I Love my family and I want them to be happy. They wallow in misery and blame me for it. I feel very tied to them although I should just let go. How do you let go of the living who have become a source of poison and sickness in your life when you are related to them and have known them your whole life?
We can not even get together for anything.Even when there’s a death .It’s aggressive and anger towards one another.
Mental Health issues.