Until death do us part.

I have often wondered why have that sentence in the traditional Marriage Vows?
What does it mean?Any thoughts,ideas or answers.Is it about religion?I’m not so sure for the Bible says love is eternal and never ending.
I have loved my partner for all the decades we were together.He may have died but my love for him is eternal.
I don’t see this as a religious comment.I am just curious and I have no intention of starting a religious debate.
We all have our own way of living and faith or lack of it is unique to the individual.xx

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Interesting question, marriage vows are based on Bible principles, actual vows come from the book of common prayer first used in 1549 act of Edward VI.
There are several passages in the Bible about marriage which say only death will end the contract, so man or woman is free to marry again. But if you read Corinthians chapter 13 The Love Chapter it says love is eternal.
It is a lovely chapter, read during our church marriage blessing. In 1978 we couldn’t originally marry in a church as Doug was divorced. But that is another can of worms.
Debbie X

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Hello Debbie,
What a very interesting message,thank you…time to get the old family Bible out.
I was a bit anxious putting such a question on the forum but I am glad I have.I love research and as you probably know it takes time…a LOT of time.I like to be thorough and I’m a perfectionist,though a real one doesn’t really know that.
Religion is such a sensitive topic and a bit of a Pandoras Box.
I hope you are ok Debbie,you are an interesting lady.
Sending love and very best wishes to you.
Ollie (aka Pushkin28) x

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Hello Ollie,
I’m really surprised more people haven’t joined in this thread but as you said, religion can be sensitive.
I love all books, my husband used to say I have enough to open a public library and who can do without Google for research.

I’ve been a christain all my life, dipped in and out over the years. I do love reading the Bible, don’t always understand what it’s trying to tell me, but I am on The Bible Project app which is a good aid to understanding.
My faith certainly became stronger when my husband died, I know I am going to be with him again one day in the next world.
We have two children, one hasn’t been to church since Sunday school days, his first love is football, our daughter is a family and young people minister (non ordained) for Church of England. I actually go to my local Methodist Church, I can see it from my house.
I have a great respect for everyone’s beliefs what ever God they follow or not.
I hope more people join in I love to hear the thoughts and different opinions of others.
Sending love.
Debbie X


Dear Pushkin,

As far as I am concerned I am still married to my husband who died eight years ago.

I am a believer in the afterlife and know that when I die, my Peter will be waiting for me.



Hello Debbie,
Strangely I wasn’t surprised that more people didn’t join in.I had a rather confusing upbringing religion wise.My Mum was staunch Methodist and Dad Church of England.
It was Chapel in a Saturday and Church on a Sunday.I developed my own faith but I would struggle to describe my beliefs.I don’t go to Church and I feel it being within myself and that is enough.
Malcolm was Agnostic,he described as such but he was a true Christian who didn’t own a religion and I suppose that makes me the same.
I think the Bible is open to interpretation allowing everyone to follow individual beliefs without necessarily believing in being religious.
It’s good to know your views Debbie,sending love in return,
Ollie x

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