Until We Meet Again (Poem)

Until We Meet Again

Even in the darkest days since we’ve been apart
Memories of the times we shared help to warm my heart.

Every day I miss the smile that no one can replace
But still it brings me comfort in the sadness that I face

Life is full of mysteries that no one can explain
But I know some day, somewhere we will meet again

Until we do, I’ll find the strength to live through each new day
Grateful for the happy years before you went away


Sad, thanks it’s another love poem.

Thank you.
Sorry for the typo, it should read - “Life is full of mysteries that no one can explain”. Can this be amended?

Sorry but I didn’t think you can now. When you have just written your post you can, there’s a pen sign at the right hand side. I should not worry, I read it and it didn’t read wrong. Your posts are beautiful and if I see you have posted I always read them. Take care xx

Thank you Susie. I love poems, they are painful sometimes, but can be comforting too.
It’s been a bad day for me today. So many memories and it’s breakig my heart.
I was listening to Roy orbison’s In Dreams for the first time since Alan died, and I can’t stop crying.
I feel so alone and miss him so much. I just want him back.
Joan x

Oh Joan, I know these days when nothing you do stops you thinking and wishing. When I have really bad days I think of all those happy memories and keep myself busy. It doesn’t always work but generally it means me getting outside which is good. Why sometimes it wants to come and bite me I don’t know but even now, when you think it shouldn’t, it does.
I lost my sister just over two years ago and her husband rang me earlier because he was having that kind of day. So we have made a date to go and have dinner together and he just said ‘I needed that, something to look forward to’ so that’s another answer that may help you get through. That’s all we can do, is just get through and remember tomorrow is another day and the sun will shine.
They say crying makes you strong, so if like me and lots of others, we must be very strong people. On those good days be proud of yourself for being strong. We are always here for you, with or without your beautiful poems. S xxx

@sad2 another lovely poem, thank you.
Amy x

A lovely poem, just made me burst into tears.