Update from Sue Ryder on recent forum activity

Sue Ryder launched this forum in 2015 and since then it has grown to become a large and active online community for people to seek bereavement support from others also struggling with their grief and bereavement.

We are proud of what it has become and we know that people have found great solace in the words and comfort of others.

We feel that it’s very important for users on the community to post freely and as a result, we don’t pre-moderate posts before they are published. With thousands of posts each month we do not guarantee to read them all and so instead we ask our members to report posts to us which have caused upset, offence or which otherwise may breach our terms and conditions and guidelines.

Our priority continues to be maintaining a welcoming and safe space for people who are struggling with grief and bereavement and every report that is made to us is fully investigated. We always strive to manage and moderate the community in a fair and balanced manner.

The community has always been a largely positive space, however over the last few months there seems to have been an increase in the number of negative threads and posts. This saddens us as we fear that it could lead to people being put off from joining the forum, which is the very opposite of what we want.

As a result, we will be amending our terms and conditions so that any thread or post which is used to air personal grievances against other member(s) will be removed.

We will let you know once our T&Cs and guidelines pages have been updated - with this and any other changes we feel necessary - in the next few weeks.

We hope to now draw a line in the sand under negative debates and behaviours and return the community to the safe and supportive space we know it acts as for thousands of people across the UK.

If you need to get in touch with us, please contact online.community@sueryder.org

Best wishes

Sue Ryder Online Community Team