Update going to 6 months

Right the question is where to begin, a reflection, or reflective, for the most part of the day/week, I thought that I had been coping, or managing.
However I must add the main reason has been the support and friendship of a companion.
In the last 6 weeks, the adult children from the relationship with my deceased wife, have put me through hoops, Helen had left a matching will, for enactment on our both passing.
It found the four, active as a collective, trying persistently to force decisions, “they had had legal advice”, so I consulted a solicitor specialist in probate etc. Finally after endless stress etc, the land registration recognition for ownership of our property forced them to put up or shut up.
So the Relationship between them and I has broken down.
The home is up for sale as its the only means to remove a strangulation of equity, (remortgage).
At times my companion (whom is two years into the passing of her husband), has had a supportive role, as much or as best I can for her. My partner has been, and is invaluable.
Working life, the commitment has become secondary to bereavement, my role or employment position less valued, and a desire to find something with a meaningful satisfaction desired. But in the current climate realistically unlikely. I pass on my comments these words for others to read measure and maybe help.

Thanks for the update, Colin. I am glad you have someone you can talk to, but sorry that you and the kids are not talking anymore.

You mentioned before you do night shifts, that can be quite demanding when life isn’t great, I hope you find employment that gives you happiness.

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