Upset daughter

My daughter (21) has just found out that her mum ( my ex wife but we get on well ) has got secondary cancer not looking good.
She’s really upset and I’m finding it hard as well for her not knowing what to say to comfort her.
We are really close and message each other every day I can’t stop crying every time I talk to her :cry::cry::cry:

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I’m so sorry but please introduce yourself everyone here can help with advice and comfort you

Hi sorry I’m Steve

Hi Steve,

I think you’re probably doing the best you can just by being there for your daughter. Sometimes it’s just a listening ear that’s needed, a gentle touch, a hug. I remember when I went back to work after the loss of my husband, I was dreading it as you can imagine, but one colleague said nothing and just touched my arm. That gesture spoke a thousand words.

You will find the strength Steve, for both yourself and your daughter and it’s ok to cry.

Take it easy and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Best wishes x


I’m sorry too here about your husband. It’s never easy lbeing fed so cruel sometimes.
Hope you wet xx

I’m sorry too here about your husband. It’s never easy life is so cruel sometimes.
Hope you well xx

Bloody predictive text :roll_eyes:

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