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I know these feeling are difficult to understand. And many do not make sense but in trying to understand I’ve been reading some interesting articles. I really miss the physical touch of my husband. A hug, a cuddle an the sofa. Not talking about sexual contact, just the everyday physical contact. This link shows that physical contact can help us in our grief.
Sadly for those of us who have lost our partners, we have lost the person who would normally have touched us the most. We all need a hug and a cuddle to get us through these times xxx if you’ve read a good article which has helped in your grief please post it in reply, it might help somebody else x

Hi This is an excellent article and well worth a read. I also moved onto ‘Related Contents’ and they was equally interesting especially ‘The pain of letting go after life’…
Pleased it brought up the help that exercise can give us. I like exercise and always trying to encourage others to get moving it really does work if only for a short time…

Today I bumped into an elderly man that I have known for years. Not a close friend just a local I would stop and have a chat with. He called me over and told me he had lost his wife of many years recently. More than ever now I know his pain. I gave him a hug, something I would never have done a year ago. I’m not a huggy person. I will be going to see him as he is alone. Not because I’m being good but I can so relate to that poor man’s pain now.
Thankyou for thinking of us.

Pat xxx


You don’t say whether you have any pets, if you don’t and you are able, I would strongly urge you to rescue a dog. My 2 little dogs were a lifeline for me when I lost my husband. They are always there for you, happy to see you and they don’t judge.

Agree 100% my dogs have also saved me. They cuddle me at night, funny little things they won’t sleep with each other as not the best of friends but I can feel them changing places during the night as if they are making sure I am all right. They make me get out of bed and go for a walk when I would rather lie there and ‘die’. Their love is amazing and the house never seems empty.

hi Pat,that was a wonderful thing you did.wish I could find some one local who can totally empathise with what im going through saves having to try justify what im feeling and why etc etc…

I’d love a dog but I work full time. I borrow a dog on weekends and it is nice because he loves a cuddle. For now I will just have make do with hugging friends and maybe one day if I can change my job I could get a dog.

Hi folks. Here’s another good article about complicated grief. There are those amongst us who are struggling with this I think. There are things that can help.