Utterly down

How do you shake the sometimes angry words of a terrified love one in their last few days? I’m trying to remember other times but it’s not that helpful at the moment

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Dear @Tamteach, I really don’t know, I’m afraid, I had similar experiences, my dad was angry until he went into coma, and my mum was in pain and i could only see her and hear about it online because of lockdown. Not easy to move on from. I try to remember happier times too, especially things that made us laugh together and hugs. Hope maybe someone will have some other ideas. At least our loved ones are now free from that awful time. Sending you love and hugs xx


Hello, in time this memory will fade & all the other memories will come flooding in, at the end of life sometimes there are lots of drugs involved each having different effects, also the fear of what’s happening & the pain.

We as humans are flawed & when our back is against the wall we “Vent” onto the closest person to us which is normally the spouse.

Try to look at it in a way that her words were just “venting” & she was able to do that because she knew the love you shared would be able to withstand it, forgive her like she would have forgiven you if the roles were reversed.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @Flower_garden, that’s a comforting way of looking at it and helps in respect of my dad being angry.
Thank you x

It is probably accurate too. I still love her with all my heart and if venting was needed I was there

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