Valentine's Day

Lost my darling husband 30 weeks ago. Got through son’s birthday, daughter’s birthday, Christmas, New Year, my birthday then along comes Valentine’s day and absolute devastation hit. I have cried for hours and hours and feel worse now than ever. Has anyone else suffered a trigger moment and how do I cope? I have had no interest in anything since I lost David but oh my this had been something else.

Hello, hainey,
I had a trigger point last Friday, Valentine’s day and I can’t remember what it was. All I know is that I was grieving for my husband so badly, I was in physical pain. He passed away 6 months ago, on the 15th of August. We had been married for 59 years, I do believe that these bouts of intense grief or common. I am sorry that you lost your husband, it is heartbreaking.
As for coping, our Jonathan123, who is a member of this forum, always gives very wise advice, suggests that we allow ourselves’ to grieve so much and go with it.
I hope this helps,
MaryL x


Hello Mary I feel so much like you with these trigger points. As we are talking about songs and I hope you don"t think I am silly. Ron and my song was Andy Williams singing Almost there it was out just before we got married nearly 55 years ago and I can remember my lovely Dad saying to me and Ron the song is so for us, I go around one of my daughters every Tuesday and help with her ironing believe it or not I enjoy doing it. I always ask her Alexa to play our song and my daughter has a beautiful big picture of her Dad on the fireplace so I pick it up and dance to our song. I am on my own when I dance but I have told our family and I call it a date with my lovely Ron every Tuesday. Hope you don"t think I am going crazy but we all have to do things to keep us going on this horrible journey. I know my Ron would love it and I do so hope he is with me when I dance. Love and hugs to you all. xxx Carol xxx

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