Valentine's Day

Sending hugs to everyone here who is missing the love of their life today. It’s my first in 40 years without my wonderful husband. Although we never made much of Valentine’s Day, it was still special to know you have that one person’s love at the centre of your life, even if they did usually forget the card or flowers.
Virtual cards and flowers to everyone here - you all deserve it.
Ann x

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After reading your post AnnC i can relate and concur similar sentiments about my beautiful red haired wife BAL.
We met on Valentine’s Day 1993 and it would have been 25 years this year.
My second valentine’s Day alone, harder this year marking our 25th anniversary.
But I lost the love of my life, 15 months ago on November 29th 2016, my soulmate, caring, polite , courteous, generous, bubbly, understanding, I could go on .
She was only 49 and we where married for 23 years and 4 months, cruelly taken away from me/ kids suddenly without warning.

So I remembered her by placing 25 Red Roses in a vase next to my wife’s picture with a cuddly toy and choclates and of course a Valentine’s Day card for my darling Wife.
As I’ve done each week since keeping her alive in my heart.
She has and will always be a part of me and be with me until we meet again in the next life.
I await your hand my love, for no one will see or know what took place at this time, except we two.


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