Valentines Day

Hi all, it may be a silly question but how you coping (or not) with Valentine’s Day? This will be my first without Christine and it’s physically painful. I’d be interested to hear others thoughts


Hello @Dazzaman,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your wife. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m just giving your thread a gentle, “bump” for you - hopefully someone will have some thoughts to share.

Take good care,

Hi Dazzaman
Im so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband in 2019 and im just having bereavement therapy for it now. I have what they call complicated grief which really means that there were too many other things going on at the time or me to connect with my feelings. so now I’m finally beginning to get in touch with how i feel and valentines day is going to be hard for me too. My darling husband used to always bring me a dozen red roses and take me out to dinner or cook for me at home. He was very romantic and I loved that about him. I have his ashes buried in the garden under an arch with a seat and I always buy a red rose for him and lay it on the seat with a glass of whisky, his favourite tipple. I talk to him (between the tears) and tell him how much I love him still and always will. I think it helps me to have a ritual like this. Maybe you could try it in your own way. Nothing will make you feel better I know but Im sending warm thoughts and good wishes to you.

That’s exactly what I intended to do - I’ll buy her roses and a balloon later, ready for the morning. I’ll have dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and I’ll pour two glasses of Bailey’s - her favourite tipple - later in the evening :blush:

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I wrote a similar thing to you and quite a few others have commented. I knew the first of everything was going to be tough but I didn’t ever consider valentines in this equation. We never went out for valentines but Steve always bought me lovely gifts and cooked for me. I’ve been very teary the last few days and I feel angry and ask why???

My 2nd one without my beloved husband, I put up the last valentine card he bought for me and I will go to the cemetery later and leave flowers for him, He always bought me flowers a beautiful card with lovely words he had put thought to and cooked a tasty meal for us and enjoyed a few glass of wine. I miss him so much every day but even more if you can on special days. My heart is broken.

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This is our living room today - wishing my beautiful wife, Christine, a very happy valentine’s day. I’ll love you forever and back again xx


in 48 yrs of marriage we never bothred with valentines day, same as easter, mothers day etc just a money making racket

Hi, Dazzaman,
Its not a silly question, Im so sorry for the loss òf your dear Wife, and your first Valentines day, its my second year without my Husband, its hard to be without them, any day of the year, today, Valentines day, i went to the cemetery and put flowers on his resting place, it gave me some sort of comfort, .however you spent today, i hope you got through it ok, wishing you all the best, Sandra.