'Very ambivalent about this...

I very much appreciate the kind offer of such facility to gain support, though I perhaps fear not coping with the volume of posts here, and my own contributions being overlooked…

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Nothing is ever ‘overlooked’. You are more than welcome. The replies on here come from fellow sufferers who know all about bereavement. Don’t we just!
You only have to read what you want to. The site is divided up into sections that may be appropriate to the individual.
I don’t often go to ‘Losing a child’ because I have no concept of what that can mean.
So come back if you wish and try and gain just a little relief from the pain.
Best wishes.

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I never thought I would be on a website forum full of grieving people. But here I am, and I am very glad I found this place. It is a place where you can read as much, or as little as you need. You will read the words of a total stranger and understand them as if they are your own. It is a place where you can write/share feelings and emotions and others will respond because they know what you are going through. No one’s contributions are overlooked even if the little “like” box isn’t checked off. If you want to contribute, I for one will listen…