Very Dry Skin & Fatigue

Hi everyone. Hoping some of you can help me out. I’m looking after a friend who is on her third round of chemo and is as a result very tired and poorly. She has been mentioning that she has very dry skin. Does anyone have any products or advice to help her? Thank you so much in advanced!

Hi Claire,

Sorry to hear that your friend is struggling with her chemo. It sounds as though you are being a really good supportive friend in looking after her and in coming on here to look for information.

Hopefully some of our other members have some ideas in answer to your question. In the meantime, Macmillan Cancer Support have a couple of information pages that you might find useful.

Changes to skin during cancer treatment

Coping with fatigue

What type of cancer does your friend have? Does she have much more treatment to come?

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Hi Priscilla,

Thank you for your reply! Yes, just trying to be helpful - She gets very tired very quickly and is not very good with computers so thought I should help out.

The macmillian guides are fabulous thank you. I will read them in detail. She has got liver cancer - I’m not totally sure how much more treatment is to come. They are deciding at the moment the best course of action. Sadly some of the chemo treatment was not overly effective.

I’ve looked on google and I found a website called Live Better With. Have you ever used this? They had a very useful skin section with products for cancer patients. I’ve ordered a few creams from there. I’m hoping that they work! Thank you again.

Glad to have helped. I’m afraid I haven’t come across the Live Better With website myself. I hope one of the products works for your friend.

Sorry to hear that her treatment hasn’t worked as well as hoped. I hope they have some more treatment options for her.

I hope you are doing ok, too. Looking after someone with cancer can be tough, so try to take care of yourself, too. Sites like this can be a good place to vent if you need to.

Hi Priscilla, thanks for the reply. Yes I hope so as well. I’m the eternal optimist so hoping its all going to work out. Live better with I really like very simple website and you can search by need. The creams have arrived today so fingers crossed they work. I’m fine thank you. It is a little stressful but I just want to help out. Got to keep optimistic!

Hi my first post x
I have a suggestion that may help. See if there is a provision for complementary therapies at your friends hospital what she needs is an aromatherapy massage tailored to her specific drugs and symptoms.

If you can get this then you can buy some grapeseed massage oil add to 20mlsof the oil around 5 drops of lavender essential oil and massage into the skin. If you want to make it extra nice and soothing on the skin add 10mls of avocado oil to the grapefruit and lavender mix.

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