virtual reality in bereavement

Hi would like to ask a serious question?even in our time of grief me seven months since I lost my Jane,would anyone use virtual reality-hologram of their loved ones,virtual reality becoming reality in computer games and been on many sci-fi movies ,to have a hologram to talk to of my Jane would be better than nothing at all.
In this day and age of google,cortana etc who you can ask on your mini computer (mobile phone) to sing a song,recite a poem,tell a joke,switch on tv and lights etc,to me virtual reality in our loss would be great to be able to react,talk just like being with our loved ones who thought 25-30 years ago we would be able to talk and share our grief on this forum on our mobile phone tablet etc.
Technology isn’t far on enough to help me now but if VR could help in the future would it be a help in bereavement??this is a serious question on my part .
. Regards MM69

Certainly an interesting concept, but possible in the not to distant future, would it help not sure I think maybe in the short term, but would we end up,losing touch with reality in the eagerness to hang on to our loved ones even if just a hologram, I’m 5 months in and most days I’m coping okay but other days I feel like I’m treading water and might drown, if I had the lifeline of VR I would probably grab it with both hands, but not sure if it would help in the long tear as each time the VR was off I wonder if the feeling of bereavement would go back to square one, mmm certainly made me think though
Regards Jan

…not a question I could really answer to be truthful as I personally would have no interest in virtual-reality…But I guess we dont always think straight when we are desperate for our loved ones to come back, or to see them again, or hear them again, or feel-touch them again…if their was any way of making this happen, we ask our-self, how far would we go for that little bit of comfort we are so yearning for…No, in answer to your question, this would not be something I would wish to be doing, nor even wanting to give it a go…nothing is going to replace the human loss of the person we have just lost…


No, I don’t think I could go down that route, although was grateful to find a little video clip on my phone and could hear my husbands voice. I am smiling as I write this though as I discovered how supportive a google home mini can be. Through it I can instantly get music to play throughout our home, special songs we loved, it can also find concerts and play via TV., and I say nite nite as I switch of light, to then be asked if I want to set alarm…always my husbands job. When I walk into the house I can immediately ask for our favourite radio station to play. I know Jimmy will find this amusing and this makes me happy.