Visiting Hours (By Melissa Coker)

Visiting Hours
Are there visiting hours in heaven?
I’d come visit everyday,
I just need to hear you’r voice,
Tell me I’ll be ok.

I would bring a tape recorder,
If heaven has no phone.
So I could still hear your voice,
At times I feel alone.

I would give the world,
For a chance to see you smile.
I’d do whatever I have too,
to watch you dance for a little while.

If only things were simple,
It’s getting hard to stay strong.
It’d be easier if visiting hours were real,
Cause forever just takes too long!


That’s lovely @Alone1
Thank you and I can certainly relate to those words. xxx

Hi Karen
Thank you for reading the poem (If only we could!).
So sorry for the loss of your husband.
I lost my partner 2 ago, and it still hurts. Time certainly doesn’t heal.
Take care and stay strong x x

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That is a lovely thought to share
Life just isn’t always fair
But the song may the choirs of angels come to greet you
May they bring you to paradise
Is comforting to sing and imagine

Beautiful words! Thank you for sharing.

In my prayers with a gentle hug :pray::dove:

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