Visiting My Love in the Chapel of Rest

Today I was able to go to See My Deceased Partner at rest after Three weeks of Waiting Since She Passed Away as She Was in Morgue.

Being able to see her and give my Love and chatter on what since she passed I feel so much better as that has eased meantime what has been my constant crying in missing her so much.

I know she would not want me there crying my eyes out so I gathered myself long enough to make the visit as cheerful as I could.

Inside I am So Destroyed and do not yet know how to go on without her. She was my Everything .

I suppose I have to find a new way of life until we meet again as surely we will in the Afterlife.:heart:‍:adhesive_bandage:

She will be Forever in My Heart. TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES !:gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:


That time together in the chapel sounded very special.

I went and sat with my Mum in the chapel too. It was comforting, still and I am so glad that I did. I thanked her for everything she’d done for me, and to let her know that I would always miss her. They know how important they are and our grief proves it.

Wishing you all my best at a really difficult time.


I sat with my husband in the chapel of rest to. Part of me couldn’t believe he had gone, part of me wanted to believe he was still in hospital.
It was special to be able to say goodbye for the final time, but I didn’t manage the visit without tears. I do remember thinking, I didn’t send in socks, his feet will be cold, he always suffered with cold feet.
I’m so sorry for you loss @Andymac-73 and I believe we will be with our loved ones again. Your right - love does never die
Debbie X X :heart:


Thank you Moomin for reply to my post.

As you say was for you It was special and comforting for me that I could see her and talk to her even though I Know She can’t hear but she knew in life I Loved Her So Much and That Goes with Her Forever.

Best Wishes to You :star:

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Dear Debbie 7

My visit today was a comfort for not being able to see her with her being in Morgue so long.

Tonight it’s like I just spoke with her on a normal day although I know she couldn’t hear me, no tears either at the time because that is not how she would want me to be like.

Back at home I still can’t believe She is Gone nor can I get stop crying and going about in a trance with the Grief I feel.

I have three more days to visit before her funeral so I am fortunate to still have that time to be with her.

I think and hope I shall be accepting of her Loss when she is laid to Rest in Peace forevermore. Angel in life, Angel in the hereafter.:gift_heart:

Best wishes to You :star:


Just keep her close to your heart :sparkling_heart: and nothing in this world or the next will ever part you. One day you will be together again.
Sending love, Debbie X

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