My husband is in a hospice having end of life care.
I feel so angry all the time. Im trying to remain upbeat for him but i get in the car and cry loads. I go home and walk our dogs, cry loads again.
I hate having visitors. People laughing and loud, trying to lift the mood.
Me & Nick used to laugh all the time.
But, people are annoying me for being so happy! :roll_eyes:


Feel for you, the world seems to go on as normal as we are stuck in a bubble watching it so to speak, you take care

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It’s understandable you feel like this, it’s a terrible thing you are going through. Until people have been through it themselves they have no clue. It’s been 6 months since I lost my darling Steve and I still get angry that people have normal lives and are not “stuck”. It feels like the world is moving around you but you can’t move. Sending you a hug.

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@MandyC15 we know what you mean - people leading normal lives while we never will again. Also there is something called anticipatory grief, if you google it you will see it’s exactly what you are feeling.

Sending you a hug

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