Vivid Dreams.

Has anyone experienced really vivid dreams? Last night I had the most vivid dreams about my Martin. I was able to hug and kiss him, ask him questions. In the dream both my brother and Martin’s sister were also present; Martin said in the dream; you are the three people I miss the most. My brother & Martin were friends from their school days ( they were more like brothers!) and this particular sister was very, very close to Martin.

I know people talk about visitation in dreams, or I’m am just crazy?

Woke up at 6am & just couldn’t go back to sleep…



I believe that was Martin contacting you, i truly believe in the afterlife, i sort of believed before my husband died but definitely believe now and i get alot of comfort from it, if you open yourself to it you will get more signs. Xx


Also look into theresa cheung books ive gound them really interesting x


When I woke up, I was so confused! You know those dreams that stay with you? I put the kettle on and for about an hour, everything in my house felt different? It was so strange.

I saw an amazing Medium last year, he did tell me that at some point Martin would visit in my dreams!

Tbh, I was so ruffled, I was afraid to try to sleep. Yes, like you I totally believe in something else. The Medium I saw got names, information that no one would possibly know. I did have another meeting booked a few weeks ago, but cancelled, I’m now seeing him on the 9th next month.

Thank you for your response.

Big hug x❤️

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Thank you, I will x💕

I know this sounds mental but i see my husband ive only seen him twice but i feel him all the time, i seen a spiritualists about a month ago which was good but not great as my husband hadn’t been gone very long and she said i would get more in the future as they have a process of greief etc to go through just like us and dhe told me i could communicate with him through a pendulum which i do everday :scream_cat::scream_cat: and its amazing i know some people might find this nuts but dont knock it untill youve tried it its utterly amazing, i do realise this sort of thing is not for everyone but i find it helps xx


That sounds amazing! How do you do that? I’m a total believer in something after this life. I’m willing to try anything, hope you can share…

Big hug
Dottie x💕


I use a necklace but it has to have a bot of weight to it, you will work out your way of doing it he moves it clockwise for yes anti for no back and forth for he agrees or doesn’t know and keeps it really still and vibrates to tell me how much he loves me and he even goes from side to side to laugh sometimes he is so strong i can feel it in my hand, try it you will be amazedxx


Not crazy @Dottie72
I’ve had a few which I believe are visitation dreams. They feel very realistic, are usually quite short and in settings I’m familiar with not like usual bizarre dreams (these I’ve learned are characteristics of visitations which usually happen just before waking).

Sometimes we’re speaking, sometimes just walking together hand in hand for example but I always feel so uplifted afterwards so I look forward to having others , though they don’t happen as often as I’d like (which would be every night if possible :revolving_hearts:)
I hope you have more x


I was ‘guided’ to her books too @Amanda111 after I lost my Husband suddenly last May.
They’ve been helpful to me and I also listen to her podcast White Shores which is so interesting mixing spirituality and science…and easy to listen to, which I usually do at bedtime x


I’ve had only a few dreams since I lost my Martin. The first was, looking through my landing window ( his Mini is still parked there) he was beautiful , almost glowing, I put my hand on the window, then I heard myself saying “ you’re gone!, how can you be here?” I was really frightened, woke up immediately. Strangely, my brother had a very similar dream, Martin was glowing, his blonde hair exactly like my dream! I must say, it freaked my brother out when we discussed it!

I don’t know how to feel, but it was a very strange experience, it took several hours for the weird feeling to go away.

I really do hope that was him…

Big hugs
Dottie x❤️


@Dottie72 I believe our loved ones are just across the veil so I’m sure it was your Martin.
From what I’ve read of these visitations it appears most people know it was their loved one precisely because it feels so realistic like no other dreams and because they can remember the details afterwards, often for a long time.

My husband always appears looking a little bit younger with darker hair and I’m lead to believe they choose to look younger and at their best because they can! and so you know they’re well.

I remember many of mine though I’ve also had other dreams where he was just ‘there’, so I started to write them down (I keep a journal and pen on my bedside) and can go back and read them.

I hope you can see these visits as a blessing and Martins way of letting you know he’s around x


When i seen my husband he wasnt in body form he was just a strange mass of what i would describe as when its really hot in the summer and you see the heat on the road and i just knew it was him but i havent seen him again like that, only what i would describe as fussy air on my bed next to me a couple of times, i crave to see him and id absolutely love to see him as i remember him that would be wonderful :clap::clap::clap: but i feel him all the time with me which is lovely :broken_heart::broken_heart:


Because my husband died so suddenly and I found him unconscious on the settee, I’ve been frustrated. I really want to ask him what the hell happened that morning. We’d had a perfectly normal morning - cup of tea in bed which he’d made. Me cleaning and medicating my hedgehogs, him pottering upstairs. There was no warning, no breathlessness, no pain, nothing. Then about 3 weeks ago I dreamt I was talking to him. He was sitting slightly above me and I asked him what happened. He said he got a little pain then that was it. He didn’t know any more. It was very enlightening.


Hi @Dottie72 ,I had a dream about a month after my husband died , I was in a shop and he walked in ,I dragged him outside and was kissing and hugging him ,then we were in his car ,I was crying and saying to him that the DR had told me he had was dead, he was laughing at me and said well I’m not I’m here, I then said to him this better not be a dream and then I woke up , it seemed so real , I also dreamed that he was walking in the back door and calling my name , I jumped out of bed and ran to the back door , but of course he wasn’t there, I ask him every night to come and get me , one night I dreamed we were kissing and cuddling , he took my hand and said let’s go somewhere more comfortable , so I stupidly stood up , that woke me and he was gone , I wonder if he had come to get me that night ,but I woke up , I know crazy thoughts in my head and heart , I haven’t had any dreams about him since then , it’s almost 18 months and I miss him more everyday xtake carex