My partner who dies 3 months ago, he didn’t live with me the last few years, got diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in July last year, then he went to stay with long time friends, I didn’t get to see him the last 7 months off his life, but he used to play guitar and sing, I did at first listen to them a lot, specially if I got drunk, but my youngest daughter said I was just torturing myself, so now I just can’t listen to his songs

My husband died 6 weeks ago and I often go through my videos and voice mails just so I can hear his voice, not quite the same as he wasn’t singing but I find I his voice comforting as much it makes me cry, I also frequently look at photos, I just feel I need to. I think you have to do what’s right for you. I just wish I could wake up from it all and realise it was a bad dream

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Been three months since i lost my partner, I do use alcohol for my problems, so when I was drinking and listening to his songs (which were mainly love ballads as such)
My eyes would be streaming, and my heart was breaking, but when my daughter said that I just had a lot off mixed emotions and just haven’t been able to listen to them

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I hope you can find comfort another way… if you’re anything like me it’s not easy to find at the moment. Take care.

I do exactly the same as you do. I miss my husband’s voice and still want him to call me when he needs me as he used to do. My husband lost the tone of his voice towards the end due to his medical condition and treatments. But I still miss how he called me (as I am not English). Our wedding video makes me cry but it is so precious as it has ever been. I will treasure these videos and voice mails for the rest of my life.

You can try to watch some of Dr Bill Webster’s videos here. I feel a little better after reading some of his articles and watching some videos. He speaks from his own experiences. I hope it helps.