I have just done my first afternoon as a volunteer at our local covid/flu centre. My husband was very into volunteering and giving his time for the benefit of others. I know he would be very proud of me and I have had a thoroughly good time chatting to people. Already put my name down for another session. J x


@Jax2 , well done you, thats amazing. Your husband would be very proudcof you. X


That’s great. Pre covid I used to do one day a week on reception at our local community centre. Not physically able anymore but I loved it.


Well done
I used to volunteer for Macmillan Cancer do hoping to start agsin soon.
I also did some work for British Red Cross it is good to get involvedwith others.
I hsve just joined a choir didnt realise i liked singing but it clears my mind.


Well done you ! Five months after my husband died I decided to volunteer for a community centre which doubles as a food bank. Two days a week I sit on reception and help the shoppers. To me it’s been a life saver, meeting all types of people and working alongside a great team. Also a great leveller knowing there are so many people out there so worse off than me both financially and emotionally. I also feel I’m giving something back. I’ve had a good life and a wonderful husband for 44 years so it’s good to help those less fortunate.

Warm regards


Hi everyone im thinking of joining a choir too. Singing certainly cheers you up.

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@Freefaller I was in a choir before I lost my husband but just can’t seem to go back! J x

Jax2, so great that you enjoyed your first time volunteering. A big step, and nice to know your husband would be proud. I think it’s very beneficial for those of us who are ready and able. I’ve been lucky, as I had been volunteering at a busy local charity shop for nine years prior to my loved one passing away in April. I went back to it a few weeks after, very difficult at first but I had support there and it has been really good for me. They’re a lovely, talkative and funny group and it’s the only ‘social’ outing I’m interested in at the moment. Love to all on this brave journey xx