Walking his dog so very hard

Took Mac for his booster at the vets yesterday and she said he has put on a lot of weight since I lost my husband in July, so I do need to take him for walks but finding it so very hard he was my husbands dog and he took him out twice a day, down by the river in morning and round the houses late afternoon, I just can’t stop crying every time I take him out it reminds me so much of how Roger loved walking him and can just picture him walking the same route and I’m a complete mess by the time I get home, there’s no other way I can go as it all leads back to where he walked him,
The vet did suggest I just cut his food down but that’s not fair on him so will persevere and hope it gets more bearable soon

Hi Linda, as a dog owner i do know how you feel. I was the main walker of our dogs but we did go out together very often as both of us was keen walkers. Every route I took at first was a reminder and the tears came all the time. Please persevere as I have found my dogs have been my saviours. They make me go out, when I feel like rubbish, they make me smile with their antics and I have something else to look after beside myself. Remember you are all he has now and he is probably missing your husband also. Dogs do grieve. One of my dogs spent months lying on Brian’s chair in the dining room and developed a nervous chattering of her teeth.
So my advice is build up that bond between you. Try to enjoy the countryside around you and all that nature offers. Have a chat with other dog walkers if possible.
If you want to cry then do so. I still cry most days at some time when walking but I would be lost without this release. Plus the exercise and fresh air will do you both good. Good luck
Pat xx

Thanks pattidot I will persevere but he was so much my husbands dog they did everything together, but I do owe it to my husband to take care of him and he is such a lovely boy and when I cry he is always there looking up at me ,
So sorry for your loss too so heartbreaking losing ones soulmate our dogs will help us cope , take care
Linda x

Dear both, I agree so much with what you have written, our little rescue pug is a life,inn to me,I never come home to an empty house , but a wagging tail that’s says I am glad you are back
Take care of your dog Linda ,he/she needs you so much xxx

Our dogs will bring us through this terrible journey. Their unconditional love is something that is precious.
Mac will miss his Dad but he will soon turn his attentions to you Linda build up that bond and both try to enjoy those country walks together. The house will never seem quite so lonely when you receive that welcome that only a dog can give when you come home. My two are so excited when I arrive home. Usually searching in my bag to see what I have bought home for them to eat. But nevertheless a lovely welcome and makes me feel loved.
I walk the dogs twice a day but if I feel depressed or sad I take them out for a walk at any time and it helps just to get out and release that heartbreak.
Mac will bring you so much comfort I am sure of this.
Pat xx

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