Want a break

Just want my head to give me a break


Hi ChrisB1986

Can you share what is going on in your head? I would like to be able to signpost/guide you to an organisation that could help you besides this community if needed. You are not alone and I am glad you have come here for help.

Just feel all foggy. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that before. I spoke to Cruse on Wednesday. I’m about a month away from receiving counselling

I have yes and it is horrible is’t it. I would have suggested Cruse and I am pleased you are not far off from receiving counselling. They do have an open crusechat which is available Monday-Friday 9am-9pm which may help you while you are waiting for Counselling,.

Sometimes I find a short walk helps just clear the head. Is that something you could try in the meantime?

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I might try the cruse chat. Is that similar to this ?

Yes it is. All part of Cruse Bereavement Support UK but just online support chat. There is also a social media group (Facebook) called Bereavement Support Group UK Facebook Group which has 4.2k members which may be of help to you for support.

Cool. Thanks. I’ll have a look at it

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