warning voice

Hi there I do not know if anyone can relate to a similar experience that I had this morning and two other times since my wife Jane passed away last November,I was sitting at our dinning table in the early hours not been sleeping well at all since she passed away,she always used to get up with me for work make a cup of tea before I left time would be anything between 3-00 and 4-30am I worked on farms during our 43 years of marriage then she would go back to bed when I had gone.
Anyway we used to sit at the dinning table between those times talking and drinking our tea and I would nod off sitting on a dinning chair she would call to me Michael,Michael MICHAEL to warn me I was in danger of falling off the chair the last time being very definite,this morning sitting same place,same time drinking a cup of tea as the other two times its happened I must have nodded off I had been dreaming of something else I know that for sure when I heard her voice calling again Michael,Michael,MICHAEL,2 dreams happening together don’t know never happened before was she calling to me to again to warn m me I’d nodded and looked like I was falling off the chair,I’d like to think so.
If anybody can relate to a similar experience I would like to know because I know her voice certainly wasn’t a dream.
Kind regards my friends MM69

Yes, yes MM. Shortly after Brian died I was sat in bed reading and I clearly heard his voice call up the stairs just as he would. It was his voice and I wasn’t dreaming. I even answered him and jumped out of bed to check he wasn’t there.
I have dreams as well. His daughters were refusing to have anything to do with me. I had no idea why. Brian came to me in a dream and said “Don’t worry I will sort them out.” In another dream he was opening a case and pointing into it. When sorting out the loft which I had never been in before I found an old case underneath a pile of stuff. I had to use a hammer to unlock it and found it full with old photo’s and paperwork all relating to Brian;s life before we got married thirty years before.
Sitting in the living room one night I heard a sound in the dining room, I went in and found Brian going through his cupboard, one that I had never been in before until he died and I had to sort though it. He said to me “Your not alone” I found myself sat back in the living room. Was it a dream, who knows!!! So keep watching and waiting for your Jane just as I do with Brian.
Love Pat xxx

Hi Pat I consider myself lucky at the moment as you yourself probably do to have had 3-4 what I would call visitations (certainly not imaginations)Jane and I both believed in an after life and if anyone was strong enough to come though she would be.
So let us both keep hoping we have these visitations because if they are it cheers me up no end,like to think reaching out to her is next step.
Again regards MM69

Agree with you. I watch and wait all the time. I have been told he will leave me when he knows I can cope but I don’t want him to leave. Again I have been told I will accept it. All quiet recently so hope he hasn’t forgotten me.
Take care Pat xxx