Was this a sign

I lost my wife the love of my life 3 weeks ago. I am devastated and can’t begin to understand why she was taken so early. I’m finding life pointless and so painful at the moment. Every night I put my arms where she used to be hoping to feel her one more time. I ask her to let me know she is ok.
I went to work today. I’m a cab driver and took someone to the airport. I had to wait and pic someone up as well. I found him and we had a 2 hour journey ahead. While talking he let it slip that he had lost his wife 2 years ago. We talked about the similar things that happened about bereavement how we are coping worries. Everything to do with there passing. A few tears were shed. When I dropped him off at his hotel we talked on and wondered at the coincidence of our meeting. And the comfort it gave us. Did my wife push us together. I’m not sure but it feels like it.

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If you believe it was a sign from your beloved wife then don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. It gave you comfort and that’s all that matters. I truly believe loved ones never leave us and although we can’t see physical signs of their presence, we can experience things that reassure us and help us along the horrible journey we’re on.

Thankyou for your kind message I pray she is looking after me x