Wasn’t expecting someone to ask how mum was!

I thought everyone knew about mum passing away as it has been a year, bumped into the mum of an old school pal in the supermarket today and she said “how’s your mum” this has never happened before and then BANG all the feelings smacked me in the face again as I just wasn’t expecting it! Then I had to explain it all. At the time I was just getting on with my day, mum wasn’t on my mind at that moment until I saw this lady. It really upset me, I think it was because it’s never happened like that before as most people already know.


@Tuckers so sorry for your loss. I have to say that I am bad enough when folk say sorry to hear about your mum and dread when someone says that as know its going to happen at some point and I am only just over 3 months in.
She is obviously still unconsciously still in your thoughts for it to have that effect on you. Sending hugs.
Valda :sparkling_heart:

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