Water Bugs and Dragonflies

Hello my lovely grief buddies…

Just wanted to share something with you. A story a kind vicar gave to my son when we lost my dad then my mum last year. It may be designed for children but it has given me comfort too so I hope it helps some of you.

I have seen many dragonflies recently and they always now remind me of how connected we are to nature and how little we really know.


Love Ann xxx


That’s a brilliant analogy. I used to tell my children that dying is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, and after her death we found a note from my daughter saying she didn’t want us to be sad, she wanted to be remembered in rainbows and butterflies, so obviously something sank in. But I think the dragon fly analogy is much better, and that’s the one I’ll be sharing with my grandchildren. Thanks Anne xx

Glad it helped Kathy and I hope it helps your grandchildren too.

Nature certainly offers comfort at times.

Ann xxx

What a wonderful story Ann. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I’m going to buy the book. Xx

Hi Kate

Glad it struck a chord. I haven’t got the book itself but hope it is illustrated nicely too.

Ann xxx

Oh my goodness. It had me in tears. Yes, men do cry!! It’s so descriptive of how I feel. Once relieved of this body that we pay so much attention to, we can fly. The word ‘psyche’ is the Greek for the spirit or that entity that inhabits our bodies and gives them life, it is also a word for a butterfly, very apt! Just like the bug that disappears up the stem so do our psyches’ do the same. Now I know this is controversial, but it seems that so many experience these near death experiences and are often resentful about being brought back to the body having experienced, briefly, the ‘peace that passeth all understanding’. We can’t understand it while we’re here because the world around us is not at peace, but as we emerge from the water and get our wings we will surely fly, just as our loved ones have.
Thank you so much Ann. Love and blessings to you.

Dear Jonathan, you really are ‘food for thought’, in every post. Thank you xx

Hi Jonathan

My son recently looked after caterpillars and watched them turn into butterflies. It really is an amazing planet when you see things like that.

My mum told me before she died that she would never leave me. I still feel her love and I still love her and nothing can take that away from me so may be that is what she meant.

Glad it struck a chord.

Ann xx

Thank you so much I must get the book and will read it to the great grandchildren.
It has made me cry but it is so beautiful and has a special meaning for me.
We used to go camping. One site was very small in a hidden field with woodland around it. The owner loved wildlife and he built a large pond and always let us camp near it. Apart from being eaten by mosquito’s it was a beautiful place. We would sit for hours watching the wildlife on the pond and at night the dragonflies darting about. My Brian loved wildlife and anything with wings was always of special interest. He said he would return with wings so that he could fly around all day. I had forgotten this small camping site with it’s pond but this story has brought back such fond memories. Brian wrote stories about wildlife and well as fruit and veg. Giving a silly name to everything. I just can’t find these stories anywhere, I now wish I could. Again thankyou for sharing this lovely story with us. Pat xxx

Yes Jonathan, I was loaned a book about true Out of Body experiences when Brian died. In most cases they didn’t want to return but chose to. I felt resentful and I asked my friend who loaned me the book “why did Brian choose to go, why didn’t he come back to me”, she replied because it was his time to go. From resentment that he had gone I had to understand.
Pat xxx

Hi Pat

I am pleased it brought some nice memories back for you. I hope you find Brian’s stories. It is odd how things turn up randomly sometimes.

Take care
Ann xx

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