Waves of grief..

It has now been sixteen months and though getting on with things, keeping busy, often, when alone, find myself hugging my husband’s photograph, talking to him and sobbing.
In fact the pain and grief now is worse than at the begining!
Perhaps, as heard it said, the second year is worse than the first?
I don’t know.
The lock down obviously hasn’t helped.
Will give myself a good talking to (seem to talk to myself a great deal)
and if, when, it feels as though I am in a downward spiral must be practical.
Get out the chain saw and be positive in finding constructive things that need doing.
Tire myself out maybe so I am too exhausted with physical work to do anything other than sleep.
Sink or swim!

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Hi, it does seem as time goes on the pain of it all gets worse. It’s been six months for me and I miss him so much, the initial shock, shaking and screaming has subsided, but the fear, pain and feeling so lost without him is still as strong. As each day passes it’s further away from him. And feeling so alone. I can understand you feeling like you do after sixteen months, I think we’re going to feel like this forever, this is our life now and so many heartbreaking posts on here, it’s just all so sad.
As you say we tire ourselves out to sheer exhaustion keeping busy then still don’t sleep.
At least we’ve all got each other on here to air our feelings as no one else gets it .
Sending a hug x


Thank you Stephtim.
Yes your right for some, not all, this is how it’s going to be, if not forever, for a very long time.
The posts on here are heartbreaking and the pain raw.
Hugs and comfort to you.

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I lost my younger son just over six months ago. His name is Henry and I miss him so much. I’ve worked out that whilst every day that passes takes me further from him, equally every day takes me closer to him too. We will be reunited one day. Until then I have to live here without him but I was so blessed to have had him for thirty years.
I hope you find some peace, the agony of loss is the worst pain. :cry:
Warm wishes