I started the year with a positive post because I really want to try & live rather than survive. I know a positive frame of mind is a good thing but I also know it’s not as easy as it sounds. I’ve had a bad day, Fridays are not a good day. It was always the day we looked forward to, end of the week & it’s also the day Derek died. I saw this today & it really sums it up, you have good days & bad days & that’s ok. Today just isn’t a good one. Take care everyone :heart:


Yes I also wanted to try and start the year positively but it’s not been too good. Was poorly last week with a chest infection but been out every day this week for walks. Spent so much time on my own most people have dropped off the radar. The grief and upset definitely comes in waves and some days worse than others. Today not been such a good day for me either.


Hello, grief is so hard. I too have good days, when I busy myself with decorating, DIY etc or with family and friends. Then I have bad days to get through, not always a significant day or anything I just get up and feel so teary I know it will haunt me all day until it eventually comes. Then there are days were I think I’m doing fine then I bump into people who I haven’t seen or spoken to since Ian passed, like my neighbour yesterday, who kindly smiled and softly asked how I was doing and I instantly crumbled and could only managed to babble out “sorry, I can’t talk about it yet” I’m dreading going back to work and facing my co-workers and learners. Staff will ask the same question and my students will all be asking why I’ve been off :cry: some days waves feel more like a sunami :cry::cry: