thought I would share this if anyone has not heard of this, I joined years ago and it has been so supportive, it is all over the country.
With the death of our partner, we often find ourselves struggling to find meaning and direction in a world where we have lost hopes and dreams, where the plans we made as a couple are cruelly taken away leaving us lost and in turmoil.
Way Up is a group with a positive, forward looking attitude to rebuilding lives and discovering that lives can be good again, that we can be happy once more. We all have our own stories to tell and experiences to share and need not be isolated.

Thank you Sue. This is what I need. Only bereaved for 3 months but I need a lifeline to hold onto and to join with those from a woman’s perspective.
Will register now.

Hello Pam, there is also another widow group called the Jolly Dollies which I am a coordinator for here in Christchurch there is also one in Bournemouth, not coping too well with this lockdown as lost my beautiful dog on Friday and still coming to terms with that as well as not being able to go out, JDs is on google along with way up, the JDs is £10 for the year and this can be found on facebook along with Way up but only for members, hope that helps and sorry to hear about your loss its early days for you I’m coming up to 8 years in August. Take care. Sue.

Pam, forgot to mention that JDs is all over the country not just here in the South.

Hello Sue,
So sorry to hear about the loss of your lovely dog on Friday. These wonderful animals can be such a great source of comfort and our best friends. Feel lost and not sure if this website is right for me so will join the JD’s in Christchurch. Seeking support and help in my bereavement. I will give it to others and would like it back which I don’t think is too much to ask.
Thank you Sue.

hello Pam, not sure what district you are in the Sue Ryder is a good group for widows but not sure they get together for coffee/meals/movies/day trips like we do here in Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole even holidays abroad from Scotland to Cornwall we all meetup at a hotel 44 went to Tenerife a few years back but I was going to Spain with 3 others and had a super time best holiday ever! at the moment not sure when we will all be back up and running but if you google The Jolly Dollies there is a facebook page had a message from Yvonne (admin) there was 25 new requests as it is a ‘closed’ group only open to members, any problems shout out and I’ll see if I can help but have a head injury so not always up to speed on things but try my best. Take care. Sue.

Thank you Sue. I am probably living too far away to join your group which is a pity.
It is very early days for me although people in my village say I should move on and it’s all history and I have so much going for me.
Very lost and don’t know how to move on yet. I just want to find like minded women to learn from, socialise and have something in common with
There is a Buckinghamshire group and I might try them. I will see how it goes Sue.
Do hope that your head injury doesn’t impact on you too much, although it sounds as though you are a coper of the first order.
Lovely to speak to you and so grateful for your encouragement.