Way Up

Hi TrishaF You told me about the way up site which I have joined but I have been studying for 2 days how to write and post on the forum. It seems very complicated to me. Would appreciate some help please. Janet xxx

Hi Daisy Janet
So sorry have only just seen this message. To be honest I have only replied to others so far - but it is pretty much the same. Click on the forum: discussion board: then the board you want to talk on such as the quiet room. If you open a conversation that is already there at the top of the posts there is a reply box -just tap on that and it will open a box you can type your reply in. If you want to start a new conversation it is the same but instead of entering an existing conversation once you open the ‘area’ such as quiet room there is a tab to the right that says New Topic - if you click on that it opens a box pretty much like this forum where you type your heading and then your message. Then press post at the bottom of the box.
Hope that helps -let me know if you need more help. I have now been to three of their quiz nights and it is all about the quiz -just nice friendly people - gentle evening - and no need to talk too much if you are shy. The quiz is a reason to speak - but must do some homework !!! not managed to answer many yet.
Trisha xxx

Hi trisha thank you for your help. I will let you know how i get on if i decide to do anything. Thanks again. Janet xxx