We lost our Son

We lost our son age 24, I really miss him I feel like I can hardly walk, my husband is a silent griever, and all I want to do is talk about our son all of the tile look at photographs watch videos I am lost


Hi lostson ,im so sorry this world is cruel im the same i like to talk about my son and my partner is shutoff .i lost sam in 2021 he was 24 he got cancer and lasted 4 months .yesterday was his birthday it still feels unreal .theres a thread on here lost son at 27 theres lots of parents who will always chat .this site has been my life line .baby steps thinking of you zoe :heart:

Thank you, I am sorry to hear about your loss , I’m just lost not sure what to do, I just can’t believe it, we were out getting a bit of shopping Monday, the next night I got a knock on the door from the police, saying I am sorry to tell you Sam has passed, away at about 11 pm, I’m not eating or sleeping at all all I think about is Samuel that is what I used to call him.

Oh my what last week .im so sorry your in deep shock .how old was he not that matters im so sorry .my son was called sam xx