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Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? (John
On the Saturday night before the death of Mandy I was having some great moments in her hospital ward of positively trying to strengthen and encourage her. I was busy telling her stories and reminding her of all the lovely things we had been through together. I was trying to make her laugh
and smile and forget the present circumstances and focus on the future.
It was during these moments that some doctor came and interrupted us. They said they had been discussing something important with other staff and they wanted to speak to me. So I had to leave my wife alone to listen to some music while I was going to a meeting.
The meeting was held in some doctor’s office. When we reached the office there were two other senior officials of the hospital to whom I was introduced. I was told their names and work titles of importance that were not really of much interest to me. Besides, the meeting was not a discussion
with me but just a formality for the hospital to explain their plans to me. I guess they remained in a group to be witnesses to each other that they had told me what they needed to in case I took legal action against the hospital later. So they began by outlining the condition of Mandy’s illness and the
stage at which the cancer had reached in its development on her. They really only wanted to tell me their final decision which was that they had already informed their staff not to take Mandy into the intensive care unit even as her condition worsened. They wanted me to know that according to the
situation they would not even do anything should her heart stop. “We will not resuscitate her” was the decision they had called me to tell me.
Despite the decision to not attempt to save life I left the office thinking God will resurrect. But I was actually more of the thought that even in that dire moment when humans see no hope, God can still do wonders and miraculously heal her. I returned to Mandy and told her that they do not know our God can do wonders. Let’s think about and plan how we will bring all our families together and celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.
On the day of resurrection there will be many conversations to be continued I am sure. Even though humans will not even try to resuscitate, which can fail anyway, God will certainly resurrect.
Take courage and comfort from knowing that he that believeth though he were dead yet shall live. May God bless you.

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