Wedding Anniversary after losing spouse

Today would have been our 22nd wedding anniversary. On a day like this, we joined our lives and the future looked absolutely bright. We had it going. So vibrant and full of joy and love. And here I am only six weeks after your passing. Alone and broken. At times I wonder if you were real or if only an illusion. The silence and the absence makes one wonder if the entire marriage was real. The left behind have a hard , painful assignment and on days like this I resent the fact that he didn’t have to experience the loss of me. How insane is that.


Hi J am sorry for your loss.
I lost my husband 12 weeks ago. It was our 24th Wedding anniversary 2 weeks after he died, J found it very painful, however I went with a friend to special.park we both loved and that hepled me get through the day. I also had my 1st birthday without my husband last Saturday, yet again I spent it with family and friends. J would encourage if your able to you trust or go for a walk to try to break up the day. Take care xxx


Life is crap isn’t it ! I lost my husband suddenly 12 weeks ago , we were together 24 years and only married 17 months ! We “eloped to Gretna Green “ We had our first wedding anniversary in the Cotswolds and we had booked St Ives for our second anniversary in September , I only got to experience one wedding anniversary as a “happy couple “ I had two previous abusive marriages and although experienced more wedding anniversaries they were not full of unconditional love like ours was , yes sometimes I feel angry he died and left me a widow at age 56 , but then again I would of hated him to of felt the way I do now if I went first , I loved him too much for him to of felt like this .


I decided that anniversaries were still to be celebrated, not dreaded. So I always choose to do something I’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to. Preferably challenging!
The sort of things I’ve done are ,

I agreed to meet her at the top of Mam Tor, a BIG hill in the Peak district for a date.
Arranged to go abseiling
Started to learn the flute
Go back to our favourite holiday haunts in Anglesey.

Lots more things to do!!

That’s a fantastic idea @tykey and such a positive thing to do.

We had our first Father’s Day last month and we went to play putting - Something my husband loved to do. It was peeing with rain, we all cheated and rushed round but it was actually quite fun. I planned it for my kids but as it was so wet when we got there I suggested we give it a miss. They were having none of it and we all laughed more than we had in a while. The ice cream and coffees after it were fab too.
It’s his birthday on Friday and we are hoping to walk up a mountain if the weather is ok. If not we will do something else positive.
All the firsts I’m sure will be horrendous but we already have so many sad days, I want to try celebrate the days that were always special to us, just as he would want us too.
And I am sure we will all cry a bucketful of tears as well ……

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A bucketful of tears, and sackfuls of smiles and memories
Have a fantastic time whatever you finish up doing❤️.
He’ll be so proud of you!

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